The Two Rivers Urban Park has  new home on the web.  This website will be evolving constantly. We will have a Blog component soon, as well as a series of static pages that will make up the bulk of the content.

Look into “All About” for constitution, legal formation by Caucus in 2003 through the City of Cape Town –  resulting in the Pepco Report.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Look into “Facilities” Menu to find local numbers in your area ***.                                                   Look into “Suburbs & Villages” menu to see what’s surrounds TRUP  ***

*** If you would like to report, or have something added, please send to chair@trup.org.za. Please recommend some useful phone numbers and anything helpful for your area and send details of what you would like to see here on the “TRUP” website.