Vision: Creating the Highest Vision for the TRUP Area.

The Two Rivers Urban Park (TRUP) located at the confluence of the Black and Liesbeek rivers is a special place in Cape Town.  The area comprises sensitive ecological systems and habitats, extensive open spaces for the creation of a park that fulfills a variety of human and ecological needs and responds creatively to this quality environment.  The TRUP is envisaged as a Internationally Renowned Multipurpose Urban Park.

Its functions are foreseen to be conservation, recreation, production and attracting high yielding / public uses to form its edges and work as a tourist destination greater than Kirstenbosch.

However, in order to protect and rehabilitate the ecological system and to develop and maintain a park in the order of Kirstenbosch or The Company Gardens, the City lacks resources both financial and human.  This is why an Association (Partnership) was formed to help manage the park and to approach various donors to assist with the establishment and sustainable maintenance of the park.

Development is necessary to ensure the future sustainability of the Park and must be compatible with the environment and existing (historical) structures in terms of bulk and architectural style.  Urban development on under-utilized land on the edges of the Park is encouraged. This would comprise of a mix of Live, Work, Play (A new City zoning developed especially for small business development & Eco Villages) on the east side and institutional and residential on the west side.

OBJECTIVES The objectives of the Association are:

  • to promote, seek changes from custodians that fit in with the Highest Vision for the PARK and ensure the implementation of the policies and principles of the new Policy Framework;
  • to advise on all developments and management agreements (PPP) within the Park,  in accordance with the policies and principles of the Policy Framework;
  • to participate in financial agreements and undertake fundraising initiatives for the management of the Core Public Precinct.

to maximize opportunities in the Park for all people by:

  • rehabilitating, protecting, securing and enhancing the biotic systems and ecological qualities of the Park;
  • promoting and enhancing the cultural-historic value of the Park;
  • promoting social responsibility;
  • maximizing opportunities of access to the Park for all people;
  • encouraging environmental education; and
  • promoting sustainable development principles within the Park.


Look into “All About” for constitution, legal formation by Caucus in 2003 through the City of Cape Town –  resulting in the Pepco Report.                                                                                                  Look into “Facilities” Menu to find local numbers in your area ***.                                                   Look into “Suburbs & Villages” menu to see what’s surrounds TRUP  ***

*** If you would like to report, or have something added, please send to chair@trup.org.za. Please recommend some useful phone numbers and anything helpful for your area and send details of what you would like to see here on the “TRUP” website.