2016 AGM River Club Thank You

2 November 2016

For Attention: Jody Aufrichtig and team

Dear Jody and team

A short note to thank you and your team for hosting and providing refreshments for the TRUP Association last night. Everything ran smoothly, and the attendees enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and opportunities to socialize both before, and after the meeting.

Your staff were attentive and helpful, with logistics running smoothly. The discussion throughout the meeting was informative and positive, and we look forward to another year, as relationships grow amongst stakeholders jointly responsible for custodianship of the precious natural and heritage assets that are part of the TRUP.

Four councilors were part of the meeting, and they, like ourselves, felt encouraged by the River Club’s collaboration with the Association. We look forward to ongoing mutual support and engagement.

Yours sincerely,



Hudson McComb

TRUP Association Chair