Two Rivers Urban Park

The Two Rivers Urban Park, or TRUP, was the outcome of a 7 year public participation process  in partnership with all the landowners and stakeholders within the Park boundary.

TRUP is located towards the confluence of the Liesbeek and Black Rivers and is one of the largest urban green lungs in the City of Cape Town. It is approximately 240 hectares in extent.

 This Park comprises sensitive ecological systems and habitats, extensive open space areas, significant institutions, historical buildings and cultural landscapes.

The Two Rivers Urban Park Association seeks to rehabilitate, protect, secure and enhance the intrinsic ecological qualities of the area, to conserve the unique cultural landscape, to encourage environmental education, to maximise opportunities for all people and to promote sustainable development.

trup map

The riverine and wetland areas of the Park are open to the public.Walkers, joggers, cyclists and horse-riders all use the area.

Access into the Park is either from Liesbeek Parkway near Observatory Road and the River Club, or from Park Road, Oude Molen Eco-Village, or Perseverance Road, on the Pinelands side of the Black River.

The 4 Corners of TRUP (approx 240 Hectares)

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