TRUP Members Update 3 July 2016

TRUP Association Member’s Update [3] July 2016

  1. The next SUN Development TRU-Park and Ndabeni Workshop will take place on Thursday 11 August, 6-8pm, at the Pinelands Methodist Church Hall. (Note: this meeting has been postponed by one week from the original proposed date, due to the elections).
  2. Congratulations to the Oude Molen Eco Village, who won the most prestigious Mail & Guardian Greening the Future Sudley Adams Award (introduced in honour of the late Mail & Guardian Brand Manager and Convenor of the Greening the Future Awards). Categories for proposal submission included energy and water efficiency, green technology and innovation, community conservation and many more. The judges considered all the entries for this Special Award, and decided that the Oude Molen Eco Village best embodied Sudley’s forward-thinking vision. For more information, read the Greening the Future article on the M&G website or view the interview here.
  3. The River Club Draft Scoping Report is anticipated to be available for public comment towards the middle of August. Please register as a stakeholder with Amy Hill of SRK Consulting, (, in order to follow this process.
  4. The Bid for the “Appointment of a Professional Design Team” to undertake site studies, the design, and building of the new Square Kilometer Array building in Cape Town was released on 8 July. The preferred site location is presently within the TRUP, either at the present entrance to the River CLUb, or within the SAAO grounds. Proposal submission date is 17 August 2016, and you may contact Mr Rayyan Arnold, at for more information.
  5. Breeding season for the Western Cape Leopard Toad (Westelike Luiperdskurwepadda, Amietophrynus pantherinus, also known as the August Frog (it breeds in August forming large aggregations in pools), Snoring Toad (the loud breeding call of the males) and Panther Toad, is upon us (July and August). This frog is endangered with extinction, due to small area of distribution (only in Cape Town), a key site being the TRUP. Many toads are resident in gardens in the TRUP area throughout the year. As an “explosive” breeder, frogs congregate on selected breeding sites for 1-2 weeks in July to September, usually in association with the first warm post-winter weather. As they breed in the pond of their birth, this migration often results in toad “road-kill” en route. If you would like to learn more and get involved in toad rescue within the TRUP, please contact the Western Leopard Toad Group – Observatory.
  6. The 8th TRU-Park and Ndabeni Workshop was held at the Maitland Garden Village Community Centre, 7 July 2016. A summary of the presentations follows:
    1. Presentation by the Maitland Garden Village Ratepayers Association (Cecelia Fouche)
      • An overview of the history of MGV was provided, along with a “photo walk” through the Village.
      • It was noted that the “precious playgrounds” of the speaker’s youth was amongst the “natural wetlands””, which have “now become buildings and factories”.
      • Needs of the community included a high school; indoor recreational facility; health clinic; safe play areas for children; housing; jobs; and promotion of education.
      • Main challenges included no growth in employment opportunities; increased substance abuse and increased teenage pregnancy within the community.
      • The crime rate in the community is low.
      • There are 2-4 Backyard Dwellers living behind most homes in the Village. Usually these are foreign nationals, and not family members.
      • There are approximately 235 existing houses in MGV, providing shelter for around 3500 people.
      • Mention was made of the Village having the ‘The Mayor of Cape Town Golf Development Centre’, administered by the Ladies Professional Golf Association forced upon them, despite the community officially and repeatedly requesting that the then Peninsula Golf Driving Range be transformed into a multi-purpose Recreation Centre.
    2. Presentation by the Western Cape Council of Nguni People (Lungelo Nokwaza)
      • An overview of the history of the Nguni People and Council was provided, along with evidence for their historical claims for Pinelands and Ndabeni.
      • Proposed projects for the TRU-Park included a Traditional Village; Nguni Cultural Centre; Food Garden; Herb Garden; Flower garden; Museum/exhibition Centre and stalls.
      • It appears that there is no legislation regularising Traditional Leaders in the Western Cape.
      • The Nguni Council were unable to collaborate, ahead of this meeting, with the Council of Diverse Traditional Leaders.
    3. Presentation by the Robin Trust (Kathy Miller and others)
      • A detailed description of the Robin Trust history and current activities was provided by a team from this organisation. This agency provides training towards a career in nursing and care work, whilst also providing care for patients recovering from surgery.
      • More details can be sourced at Robin Trust.
    4. Presentation supporting Tourism Development in Oude Molen (John Holmes)
      • The development model supporting eco-villages was presented, with case study material from eco-village promotion by the government of Cameroon being highlighted.

We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting, Thursday 11th August at the Pinelands Methodist Church Hall.

Sincerely, Hudson McComb (TRUP Association Chair)

Committee Members:

Hudson McComb; Edward Tilanus;Louise Badenhorst; Kyran Wright; Jean Ramsay; Pauline McConney; Rose Rau; John Holmes; Marc Turok. NPO Reg. no. 28-226 NPO