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Heritage and the Two Rivers Urban Park

Heritage and the Two Rivers Urban Park[1]

 “…the entire TRUP site itself could be regarded as being of outstanding historical, symbolic scenic and amenity value…” (Heritage Baseline Study for the TRUP, 2017)

What is “Heritage”?

Heritage is a deceptively simple idea, with heritage resources being both tangible, and intangible. There are different types of heritage, including natural heritage (geographical areas, or natural resources) and cultural heritage. Cultural heritage is informed by things that are symbolic of the creativity and livelihoods of different people groups (such as cave dwellings, buildings, sculptures and paintings), and practices and traditions (such as oral traditions and indigenous knowledge systems) that are passed on from generation to generation.

Heritage has a key role to play in informing the development of the TRUP. Continue reading Heritage and the Two Rivers Urban Park