The Future of TRUP

The City of Cape Town has long recognized the area surrounding the confluence of the Black and Liesbeek Rivers as having significant potential for becoming an area of improved human well-being and social equity, while reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities. That is, showcasing what is meant by “Green Economy” (UNEP, 2011) and sustainable development in the city.

The Western Cape Government Department of Transport and Public Works, along with the City of Cape Town Development Facilitation Unit have, however, recently employed Nisa Mammon and Associates to complete the tender (S174/14) entitled “TWO RIVERS URBAN PARK Provision of Professional Services to undertake Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture, Engineering, Environmental and Heritage Studies for the Two Rivers Urban Park Project, Cape Town”.

Their brief was as follows:

  • Update of Contextual Framework (Draft): By December 2015
  • Draft Development Framework: End March 2016
  • Draft Precincts: End February 2016 / beginning of March 2016
  • Draft Site Development Plans: End September 2016
  • EIA, HIA and Planning Procedural Process Submission: January 2017
  • Public Participation Throughout planning & procedural process

The TRUP Association requested clarity on what was meant by the brief outlined above, submitting a letter to the MEC Donald Grant, on the 15th October 2016. There has however been no response from Mr Grant, aside from acknowledgement of receipt of the letter.

The public participation consultants sub-contracting to Nisa Mammon and Associated are “Sustainable Urban Neighbourhoods (SUN) Development”. The first public meeting was held in Pinelands Hall on Thursday 25 February 2016, from 6-8pm. The draft minutes from this meeting can be downloaded.

The SUN team hope to facilitate public participation in the design of a sustainable TRU-P(ark).

The SUN team intend to lead the public through a “manifesto” .It is unclear as to who the authors of this manifesto were, but the intention is that it serves to “provide guidelines for the development of the area into the Live-Work-Play Park that is envisioned in the area”. It is unclear however, who’s “vision” has been “envisioned” in this manifesto, given that the most directly affected stakeholders presently living in the TRUP had no part in drafting this manifesto.

Further, it is unclear why the several year long public participation process which presented the then stakeholder’s vision for the TRUP region in 2005, along with the latest City IDP process and Spatial Development Framework (2013), has not been used as the basis for this “manifesto”.

The SUN consulting team then anticipate “as a third step we would like to get your understanding as stakeholders on constraints and opportunities for the area which will be an informant for the development of scenarios”.

And finally, from their perspective, they hope to hold a “scenario session is the fourth step which we envision. We would like to work on possible scenarios for the discussion aligned to the Manifesto and taking cognizance of the constraints and opportunities of the stakeholders. We want us as collective to assess the scenarios against the Manifesto to be in line with the development guidelines and vision”.

These public meetings are intended to have been completed by the end of March 2016.

The TRUP Association is very concerned that there seems to be a strong thrust by the Provincial-City Two Rivers Urban Park Task Team to fast track the development of the TRUP region, with new laws being drafted where necessary, in order to overrule existing policy and processes.

Should you wish to get involved in this process, in order to ensure that the nature of development in this region is in line with the democratic processes enshrined in the South African Constitution, and therefore supports public participation and good governance, please contact the to find out how you can get involved.