What is the TRUP Association’s Mandate?

The Two Rivers Urban Park (TRUP) Association mandate is summarized in the Constitution as being required to seek to rehabilitate, protect, secure and enhance the intrinsic ecological qualities of the area, to conserve the unique cultural landscape, to encourage environmental education, to maximise opportunities for all people, and to promote sustainable development.

In terms of Section five of the TRUP Association Constitution, the objectives of the TRUP Association are defined as follows:

  • To promote and ensure the implementation of the policies and principles of the Policy Framework (Two Rivers Urban park contextual framework and Phase 1 environmental management plan);
  • To advise on all developments and management agreements within the Park, in accordance with the policies and principles of the Policy Framework;
  • To participate in financial agreements and undertake fundraising initiatives for the management of the Core Public Precinct;
  • To maximize opportunities in the Park for all people by:
  • Rehabilitating, protecting, securing and enhancing the biotic systems and ecological qualities of the Park;
  • Promoting and enhancing the cultural-historic value of the Park;
  • Promoting social responsibility;
  • Maximizing opportunities of access to the Park for all people;
  • Encouraging environmental education; and
  • Promoting sustainable development principles within the Park.